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Check out our selection of outdoor playsets and swingsets

Playhouses, Outbacks, Tiger Tower, Monkey Towers, Lion’s Dens, Jungle Swinger & Tower and Megasets ! Different dimensions available!

A selection of modular swings for your perfect outdoor playset!

Beltswings, Basket Swings, Trapeze with Rings, Rope Disc, Toddler Bucket Swing, and Double-Seat Glider! Adjustable for different heights!

Spider Slide

Choose between modular spiral, tube and wavy slides

An amazing, fun selection for your custom swingset!  Wavy wave slides, spiral slides, tube slides, Superslides, and the banana scoop Alpine slide! For deck heights between 4 and 8 feet!

A Real Playground in Your Own Backyard!

Lifetime Warranty!

At MeubléA, outdoor playsets are to grow INTO, not out of!

At MeubleA, we encourage you to choose a playset that truly enriches the heart and soul of your family. We offer you a play system that builds strength, confidence, creativity, dreams and memories. Superior design and construction allow our outdoor playsets to support kids of all ages – including Mom and Dad!



WOODPLAY Outdoor Playset Models

The Woodplay brand features heavier wood construction and metal hardware (screws, bolts, braces), so there’s no weight restriction on Woodplay models. This means that the playset is safe and fun for any number of kids of all ages and sizes. It also means that bigger, heavier people (teenagers, parents, grandparents, guests, caregivers) can safely join the kids anywhere on the outdoor playset, including on the playset balcony, picnic table, ladders, slides or swings. All wood components, swing hangers, and slides (except for the 10-foot Wave Slide) have a Limited Lifetime Warranty

SAFARI Outdoor Playset Models 

The Safari brand is designed and intended for kids less than 12 years old. Compared to the Woodplay brand models, the material differences are lower fence heights on deck, smaller wood dimensions, and smaller hardware (screws, bolts, braces).  Intended and beautifully designed for kids under 12, teenagers and parents should not climb on deck.  Safari swings, however, do accommodate teenage and adult users up to 250 lbs (115 kg). All wood components, swing hangers, and slides (except for the 10-foot Wave Slide) on this outdoor playset have a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


A playset warranty promises a standard of product use and quality for a period of time. By definition, the warranty states the manufacturer’s level of confidence in the outdoor playset and tells you how many years you can expect to enjoy the playset safely and in excellent condition. If you are shopping playsets from different makers, their warranties should be compared.

Woodplay and Safari playsets are sold with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The warranty is “limited” to the original buyer of the playset. The Limited Lifetime Warranty covers the following playset components: Wood components, Swing Hangers, Swing Chains, Metal Braces, Metal Rungs, Alpine Slide, Super Slide, all Tube Slides, Open Spiral Slides.

The warranty specifically covers structural failure due to corrosion, wood rot, or insect infestation. Seasonal checks, surface cracks, knotholes and knots, or other natural characteristics of all wooden play equipment, not resulting in structural failure, are not covered under this warranty.

All other components not appearing in the list above are warranted for 5 years.

Freight and labour not included.



Pickup, Delivery, Installation, Pre-Assembly Service


Your choices are:

PICK-UP. No charge for pickup service – this is the fastest and cheapest way to go! Let MeubleA know when you’re coming to pick up at our showroom-warehouse in Lachine, Quebec. We’ll prepare your order and help you load. If the person picking up will be assembling, then we’ll invite him or her into our playset showroom to review a few tips and pointers that will save time.

DELIVERY. MeubleA can deliver right to your backyard anywhere in Canada. Fees vary depending on travel distance to your home and size of playset.

DELIVERY & INSTALLATION. Almost anywhere in Quebec; from Gatineau/Ottawa to Quebec City, from Mont Tremblant to the Eastern Townships. MeubleA’s availability for full delivery and installation services is limited – reserve today.

PRE-ASSEMBLY SERVICE. We pre-assemble your fence sections, rock-climbing walls, swingbeams with swing hangers, decks, picnic tables, etc. This service reduces your total assembly time by about 80%.

PRE-ASSEMBLY & DELIVERY. This option saves you time, money and gets the playset to your backyard.


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